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zondag 11 mei 2014

Tourist in own country: Zwolle

" Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education. In the elder, a part of experience " 
      -Francis Bacon

As I told in my last message I have a lot of to tell so I thought lets start with a one-day tourist trip, that I made with a good friend of me. It was a kind of impulsive trip. We had a 'date' together and just looked up what we could do and after a lot of searching we found Zwolle the place to be. Thanks to NS coupons for trips in Holland. 

We had a '2nd person free' coupon for museum de Fundatie.  That was our excuse to go to Zwolle. When we left our home town it was rainy so we hadn't brought sunglasses with us and my dear friend Niloo can't go on path on a sunny day without sunglasses. So the first thing we did was buying new sunglasses after our train trip of 1,5h. Then we jumped into the bus through the city centrum.

The beautiful pink flowers was the first thing that took our attention. This was the first time that I was visiting Zwolle and hadn't any idea about what I could expect. But.... the city surprised me! It looks really well and a nice place to be. On our way from the busstation to the city we visited some shops, i'm almost going on holiday and we saw a lovely shop for underwear and bikinis. My meeting whit the prices didn't went well.. I believe we didn't like each other so we left the shop.

 When we arrived to the city square we saw a catholic church, I am not catholic but I do love the design of the churches and as well as me my buddy too. The big doors where about 5-6 meters, this was HUGE for two tiny girls of 1.60 aprox. I guess it was build in the renaissance from the arched constructer.... and when I googled it, I feel thankful for my art and culture teacher during high school.

Inside the church we saw a couple of paintings and different statues it's hard to describe them but you can see some of them just right under this piece of text. I know that statues were build of gold in catholic churches back in the time. Only I am not sure if those statues are remain original. Niloo also wanted to light up a candle, I had never done this before but it was okay for me to do it.

By our hungry tummies and lovely weather we felled invited to visit the terrace of a nice Italian cafe. After making peace with our tummies and enjoying the sun we took our path through the museum. 

We have seen a lot paintings and statues again but it was worth it. There was a special exhibition what was called '' Meer Macht'' what means '' More Power'' in English. The exhibition was interesting and we could connect the different pieces of the exhibition with each other. However this connection wasn't that strong. 

The most interesting part of the museum was the roof bowl. As you can see on the first picture just above this text. We took the stairs to get upstairs and I shocked the ass out of me when I saw two humans lying on the ground ... though this was also a part of the exhibition and those two humans who where lying on the ground weren't really two humans lying on the ground. It were just two fake humans or beter say lifelike statues.

It was a great day despite of the lifelike statues, just kidding they were also funny. After a long day our tummies started again communicating us. We saw a lovely little take-a-way 'restaurant' where we stopped to eat something because there was actually a little table with two sits just for the two of us. Where we spotted this beauty here under. 

Thanks for reading. I hope to meet you next time again.


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  1. Hoi Zeynep,
    Mooie foto's! Dat doorkijkje en de bloesem zijn mijn favoriet.
    Veel succes met bloggen!

    xx Emilie
    Hola Bola Babes

  2. Heey Emilie!
    Dankjewel =) Leuk dat je een berichtje hebt achtergelaten!