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maandag 4 augustus 2014

Tourist in own country: Volendam

“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” 

-Robert Louis Stevenson

It's been a long time that I have posted a message. I have a lot of excuses but no need to mention them, haha, would take to long. And you know, if you need there are thousand of excuses that you can use. However I have a lot of stories to tell know. Let's start with my trip to Volendam, the well known touristic fishers town in Holland.

It wasn't the first time for me visiting Volendam. But just always I enjoyed the city. The reason of us going to Volendam is to recover the local market of Volendam. Henk was willing to see the market where friends of him were working.

We started our visit on the new part of the village "Marina Volendam". This part is recently build but the architecture is based on the old dutch style. I had a holiday feeling when we arrived. The great smell of the salted sea,  the heat of the sun on my back, the lovely houses with little gardens on the front which where settled with a table, some chairs and not to forgot a parasol, finished with a summer breeze. 

We took our path to the market and  saw Henk's friends standing somewhere in the front. They were selling different things as loom bands (the hype of all the kids here) and garden hoses. And they had brought their little monster with them. The 6 months old stafford Max. As some of you already know, I love animals especially dogs. This little monster was so adorable and good listening, that I felt in love with him. 

After hugging and licking we took our path further through Volendam. The local market consisted of 10-15 stables. So our tour through the market finished soon.

 Volendam is known as a fisher village. And if I think of fish, I think of the sea, and I think of boats. Only I think rather about old fisher boats than the new yachts. In this little village you will find yachts.  Some are looking better than other, I don't really care this fact. I know one day I will have the one what my hart, soul and mind wants.

Jetty, is the word what I was searching for. A cute little one which is transformed to a mini amusement park for kids. While parents are shopping, kids could play here! Not only children did enjoyed the transformed jetty but also my mom and Henk!

After our trip on the jetty and market we took our way to the old part of Volendam. The part with the fish restaurants, where you can make photos with traditional dutch "farmer" clothes and the place where you can buy as much souvenirs as you want to bring for your home country (if you are a foreign tourist)

We chose for a warmhearted bar which was ''sea-summer" decorated for some drinks. After eating some fish and drinking some soda we left Volendam. 

Made a day useful by traveling the country where I life. Every day again I enjoy living in Holland. If you never haven't been in Holland, I highly recommend to go and experience Holland.

xx- Zeynep

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