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vrijdag 19 september 2014

Double touristing: Barcelona

Here in Barcelona, it's the architects who built the buildings that made the city iconic who are the objects of admiration - not a bunch of half-witted monarchs.

"Double touristing, what the hell is that!?" is probably what the most people think when they read the heading. This means going to see another place in a foreign country while you are already a tourist there. I have been on Holiday to Malgrat de Mar ,which was by the way a great holiday, and visited Barcelona for a day.

The night before Barcelona was a heavy night, as you can say. We had made it late, and had a couple of drinks. However we got our asses up and took the train to Barcelona. Some friend of us had visited Malgrat de Mar some years ago, and they told us that it would took aprox. 30min to Barcelona. Bad enough we have sited 2hours in the train. Finally we arrived at Placa Catulunya.

The atmosphere in Barcelona was very different then in Malgrat, of course it is, because Malgrat is a beach village and Barcelona is city... However it was still a lot different then Amsterdam. We took our path through the Gaudi buildings: Casa Batallo and Casa Milá. 

Uhhh.. yes, I believe the man posed for the camera on the last pic... Haha those things happen, you know tourists. Well not all of them, some tourists. 
However, qe followed our Gaudhi tour with Sagra da Familia. 

And also saw a beautiful government building on our way.

Across sagra da familia there was a beautiful park where people could chill out, we havent did that because we or better say I was hungry and found a lovely restaurant. Well a turkish restaurant, the funny thing was that the people couldn't speak Turkish or better to say they even weren't turkish. But the food was good. That's what matters!

During this short trip to Barcelona we have seen some places. I definitely want to go back one day and see all the other places.

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