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maandag 27 oktober 2014

Business trip : France, Lyon

Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art. " 
Andy Warhol

Well you maybe not believe it (this due my young age) but I have made my first business trip. Yes, yes , Lyon it was! Let me explain it proper to you before you get more confused.

At the beginning of this school year, I started with my minor called the real international deal. We do not have regular classes but a project. Our assignment is to work together with French students and make business leads for the company we have to work with/for. We went to Lyon to meet our companies and groups. I have to work for a French company ( I will gave the name later because it is not fully sure if this company will continue with the program) and this company want to expand to Amsterdam, Dusseldorf and Milan. I'm already studying in Amsterdam, however we are going to visit Dusseldorf and Milan soon.

Now, back to Lyon. We had a meeting of two days. The first day conducted of the meeting of your groups and companies. During the second day we have visited the chamber of commerce. We already had visited the chamber of commerce in Amsterdam. BUT! You can't compare those two buildings with each other.

Our lovely fellow French partners as guide told us that the chamber of commerce is one of the oldest buildings in Lyon. All the details on the outside of the building made with hand, to be honest not only the decoration was hand made but the whole enormous building was. The outside of the building had already influenced me, but the inside was even more magical.

The feeling I had was more like a historical museum than a chamber of commerce building while I was inside the building. We got some introduction in a "red" room. I can't remember the name of the room so I will call it the red room, because the room was red as you can see on the pictures. There were all portraits of 'I don't know who'. However those unknown persons where painted with beautiful details. The surroundings of the portraits were coated with gold. Unbelievable! You can also find a picture of the corridor we had to walk through, or better I should say "an other part of the museum".

Further more we have visited the NSBO and Village des Créateurs during the second day. Our visit to the NSBO was very short, we have received some information about the business-how-in-Lyon and some other information about Lyon. As you can see, we are Charlie's angels in the patio of the NSBO building (haha whatever happens, we are still silly students).

The third place visited was the Village des Créateurs. This is a place were all the fashion companies meet each other. This non-profit institution helps new fashion companies to accomplish a place in the market. And again they gave us some information guidelines etc. etc.

On our way to the third place we passed this lovely church and drunk some coffee (which had weird prices, coffee 1euro and capuchin 3 euro, doesn't make much sense) in those funny coffeeshop. Well as you can guess the European known coffeeshop not the Dutch ones.

I have also visited more places in Lyon the cathedral on the top of Lyon, but that I will tell in another post. Till then!


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